The practice is akin to your own GP doctors practice. For most of the time, your GP is your main point of contact for your health and well being. In the same way, Tax Advice & Solutions is the main (and sometimes only) point of contact for our clients’ own wealth, financial & compliance well being. We find this works very well but, like your GP, we also know and can identify when you might need some expert or technical advice from another specialist. That is the skill of the GP. As Noel has been in tax ‘all his life’, he has built up a wide contact network of such experts in various fields of taxation, be that the technical minefield of VAT, the ever changing landscape of Inheritance Tax or even other very technical areas in his own fields of taxation. Having these resources and contacts available for the occasions when required means that you, as a client, are not being charged for the annual service costs of a Rolls Royce when you may only own a Mini – but when that Mini goes badly wrong, you will want to know that we know how to get it fixed.