Noel Flanagan joined the (then) Inland Revenue in September 1974 so has now been ‘in tax’ for some 43 years. To some, this may sound like a nightmare prison sentence but rather surprisingly, it has been a rather enjoyable and fulfilling 43 years. The face of (the now) HMRC has changed immeasurably over this time and as we rapidly approach the new revolution of Making Tax Digital over the next few years, it is set to change even more.

Whilst the basic purpose of HMRC has not changed (in that it is looking to collect the correct amount of tax from each person or business) the way that ‘correct’ figure is established is often the subject of varying subjective interpretation. There are 2 sides to every story they say, so it is essential that your side is professionally and accurately presented. Having had the experience of working on both sides of the fence and having spent this lifetime in tax, Noel feels he has the experience to deal with this.

Noel’s own practice of (J N Flanagan – Tax Advice & Solutions) has been operating for some 14 years and continues to grow solely by client recommendation; in Noel’s view, the only way to grow. In fact, because this growth has been so good (and the fact that he handles and will continue to handle all client work himself) his personal capacity has nearly been reached but he will always be happy to talk to you about your own circumstances or problem.

Noel is a Fellow of the Association of Taxation Technicians, one of the two main professional bodies for those working in tax. He is an active member of their joint CIOT / ATT Working Together Sub Committee which helps liaise, formulate and resolve working relationships and practical issues with HMRC. He has also written articles on this subject which have been published in the professional journals of Taxation and Tax Journal.

Noel is married to Sandra and they have two grown up daughters. They live in Farnham. He is a keen tennis player and is captain of his local tennis club and when he is not being a ‘keen’ tennis player, he is a keen cyclist and walker. As they say, Jack of all Trades, but master of none (except tax!)